Psoriasis Treatment Options

Dermatologic Center for Excellence and Dr. Anthony Dee can help people with psoriasis in Buffalo, NY, get the relief that they need to overcome this painful skin condition. Here are some of the most common therapy options available for people working to manage this disease.

Topical Therapies

Topical therapies can help with many of the most common symptoms of this disease. Just a few that we can prescribe for your recovery include:

  • Corticosteroids: These medications include various oils, creams, lotions, foams, shampoos, and more that help minimize your symptoms and prevent flares. You typically apply them once a day during active cases.
  • Vitamin D: Some synthetic forms of vitamin D can help to slow skin growth and help prevent irritation in sensitive areas of the skin. It can be used topically with corticosteroids or by itself, depending on your treatment option.
  • Calcineurin Inhibitors: These treatment options can reduce scaly buildup and minimize the rash appearance. They are commonly used around the eyes and other sensitive areas because they are easier on the skin at these spots.
  • Salicylic Acid: These shampoos help to reduce scaling on the scalp and are available at both non- and prescription-level strength. They are often used in conjunction with other treatments, such as vitamin D for sensitive areas.

Other common topical therapies include coal tar and anthralin, which help to remove scales and make skin smoother. Dr. Dee and Dermatologic Center for Excellence will help you identify the options that best suit your needs.

Light Therapy

Light therapy is a common therapy for psoriasis in Buffalo, NY, because it is less invasive and easier for many people to tolerate. For example, our team may prescribe brief sunlight or UV exposure during the day to help with this treatment, though you should wear protective gear whenever you're in the sun.

More specialized light therapy includes Goeckerman therapy, an approach that uses both UV light and coal tar to help your skin, as well as UVB broadband and UVB narrowband. We'll work with you to help you understand which option makes the most sense for your therapy needs.

Other Medications

Your skin doctor may prescribe various oral or injected medications, like steroids, retinoids, biologics, and other drugs that help manage this condition. They help reduce the rash and can alter the immune system to ensure it doesn't trigger this condition as often.

Take Care of Your Skin

At Dermatologic Center for Excellence, Dr. Dee can treat psoriasis in Buffalo, NY, which can help you recover from this problem. Call us at (716) 636-DERM (3376) to learn more or set up an appointment with our team. We'll do what we can to ensure that you get treated.

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