How Often Should I See A Dermatologist?

Is it time to turn to a skincare professional?

Did you know that dermatologists aren’t just there to treat skin problems? Most healthy individuals can still benefit from turning to our Buffalo, NY, dermatologist Dr. Anthony Dee for regular checkups and care.

How Often Should I Visit a Dermatologist?

Everyone can benefit from visiting our Buffalo, NY, dermatologist and team for an annual checkup. No, you don’t have to be dealing with any preexisting skin conditions or dealing with problems to turn to us. Everyone should get a comprehensive skin cancer screening regardless of age, lifestyle or risk factors.

While you can and should be examining your skin for any changes to moles, a comprehensive evaluation once a year ensures that any problem areas are caught and treated immediately.

If you are dealing with any chronic skin problems such as rosacea, acne, dermatitis or eczema, you can certainly benefit from visiting our Buffalo, NY, team every few months to ensure that your current treatment plan is providing effective results. We can also discuss additional and new treatment options that may help reduce flare-ups or breakouts.

You may also want to turn to our Buffalo, NY, dermatologist if you’re looking to refresh your appearance and reduce the appearance of old acne scars, hyperpigmentation and other imperfections. Our cosmetic treatments can improve these imperfections for a more attractive appearance. This is yet another reason to make an appointment with our team.

What Can a Dermatologist Treat?

Our dermatologist Dr. Dee specializes in treating and managing conditions impacting skin, hair and nails. While most people realize that a dermatologist is about to care for the skin, many people don’t realize that they can also treat conditions and injuries that impact the hair and nails, such as nail fungus and hair loss. If you are dealing with any conditions that affect the health or appearance of your skin, hair or nails, Dr. Dee can provide you with the custom care you need.

Suppose you need to schedule a skin cancer screening or want to talk about acne treatment options. In that case, our Buffalo, NY, dermatologist Dr. Dee and the Dermatologic Center for Excellence team are here to answer questions and provide tailored care. Call (716) 636-3376 to learn more.

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