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Protect Your Skin This Tailgate Season

As the weather outside turns from the summer heat to the autumn chill, football season begins. As a bonus, with football season comesmole tailgating, a beloved tradition for many fans. However, many people believe that just because the weather gets chilly, they do not need to protect their skin from the sun. Learn more about how to protect your skin this tailgate season with Dr. Anthony Dee in Buffalo, NY.

Protecting Your Skin 
Regardless of the temperature, if the sun is out, you should protect your skin using a broad-spectrum sunblock with at least 30 SPF. Apply the sunblock to all exposed areas of your skin and reapply at least every two hours. Tightly-knitted clothing covering your arms and legs helps prevent sun damage as well. Take special care to protect your face, a common area to find skin cancer since it is always exposed.

Is this mole normal? 
A normal mole is one color, round or ovular in shape, and has a smooth border. If you notice a new mole or have a mole which has more than one color within its borders, you should have it checked out by your dermatologist as soon as possible. Additionally, if you see a mole which has changed shape or size or is bigger than the size of a pencil eraser, schedule an appointment with your doctor.

Skin Examinations in Buffalo, NY 
Skin cancer is one of the most easily treatable cancers and has a high curability rate. However, catching skin cancer early is crucial in treating it successfully. Be sure to perform at-home skin examinations on yourself regularly, searching for new or questionable moles or marks. Seeing your dermatologist for regular skin examinations is a great tool in catch skin cancer early, especially if you are outside often or have a family history of cancer. Your doctor can help you determine how frequently these examinations should take place.

For more information on spotting or treating skin cancer, please contact Dr. Dee serving Buffalo, NY. Call (716) 636-DERM (3376) to schedule your appointment for a skin examination with Dr. Dee today!

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