Get Control of Your Acne

Dr. Anthony Dee and his team at Dermatologic Center for Excellence help patients with acne in the Buffalo, NY and Clarence, NY, areas. If you are suffering from acne, you are not alone. Acne is very common and is one of the most popular reasons patients seek out a dermatologist. Acne can be unsightly and make you feel like hiding your face, but don't let it mess with your confidence! Come see us for a treatment plan and put your best face forward.

What is acne?

In normal, healthy skin, oil glands release an oily substance called sebum through the hair follicles. Acne happens when the oil glands get plugged up, trapping sebum and skin cells. If you are prone to acne, you deal with two main types of blemishes: whiteheads and blackheads. A whitehead is created when the pore is fully blocked, and blackheads mean a pore is partially blocked.

When whiteheads and blackheads are treated and don't become infected, they can heal and leave healthy-looking skin. When they become infected, blemishes become red, inflamed pustules that can lead to scarring. Acne most commonly affects the face, neck, and chest areas. If you have acne in Buffalo, NY, we can create a treatment plan designed for your case to get you looking and feeling your best.

Treating acne

If you deal with acne, the best rule to follow is to keep your hands off! It can be a difficult habit to break, but picking at acne can lead to infections and scarring so refrain from touching your face and acne as much as you can.

When you have acne in Buffalo, NY, you need to know that there is no quick cure, but a treatment plan can help your skin heal. The treatments prescribed by your doctor may include:

  • Extraction is the physical removal of the blockages using small tools
  • Benzoyl Peroxide helps reduce blockages in the hair follicles and treats mild cases of acne
  • Tretinoin is a derivative of vitamin A that helps unclog blockages
  • Antibiotics can be used orally or topically to treat any infections
  • Hormones can be used to treat hormonal acne, which mainly affects adult women

Dermatologic Center for Excellence is here to help when you're struggling with acne. Dr. Anthony Dee and his team have a custom treatment plan for you! Contact us for an appointment in Buffalo, NY, at (716) 636-DERM (3376).

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