Are You Dealing With Psoriasis?

If you are suffering from tender, itchy, red, or scaly patches on your skin, you are probably living with psoriasis. This condition can affect your skin anywhere but commonly affects the scalp, knees, and elbows. Unfortunately, there is no cure for psoriasis, but it does come and go in cycles so it will flare up and then improve for a while. Flare-ups can last for weeks or months at a time so it is important to manage your symptoms.

Psoriasis has many different forms, but it is suspected to stem from autoimmune issues. Genetics and your environment are both risk factors for this condition. Stress and smoking can cause flare-ups. Although psoriasis isn’t curable and is a lifelong disorder, there are treatments that can help manage it and minimize the occurrence of flare-ups. These treatment solutions usually include lifestyle modifications, home remedies, prescription medications, and OTC lotions and creams, as well as laser or light therapy for mild cases.

On the other hand, more severe cases might require biological medicines that change how the immune system reacts to psoriasis and minimize the effects of certain substances that could cause inflammation in the body.

When to Seek Help From Your Dermatologist

Contact your dermatologist in Clarence, NY, if you suspect that you may have psoriasis. Regardless of what degree your psoriasis is or where it appears, it requires proper and prompt treatment because it puts you at a higher risk for other illnesses like vision problems, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, high blood pressure, and more.

Need Relief From Psoriasis in Clarence, NY? Get In Touch With Us

Schedule an appointment here at the Dermatologic Center for Excellence with your experienced dermatologists. They can help you manage your psoriasis symptoms and get clearer skin. You can reach our Clarence, NY, office at (716) 636-DERM (3376).

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