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By Dermatologic Center for Excellence
July 17, 2019
Category: Dermatology
Tags: Warts  

If you are dealing with recurring warts it might be time to see a dermatologist in Buffalo, NY.

Warts are benign and often painless skin-colored growths that can develop anywhere on the skin. While anyone can develop warts at any warttime, it’s more commonly found in children. Warts are caused by a virus known as the human papillomavirus (HPV), which gets into cuts in the skin where the cells then multiple causing a hard bump to form. You may choose to visit our Buffalo, NY, dermatologist Dr. Anthony Dee immediately to treat the problem but if it isn’t causing you issues you may choose to wait it out.

If your wart isn’t unsightly or in a very obvious place then you may choose to wait for it to go away on its own; however, you may also choose an over-the-counter wart removal treatment to speed up the process.


When should I see a dermatologist?

While some people will get results with over-the-counter wart removal options there are others who may need to see their Buffalo, NY, skin doctor for treatment. You should give your dermatologist a call if:

  • You are dealing with multiple warts
  • Warts continue to develop or get worse
  • The warts are in uncomfortable areas such as your feet
  • They are in a visible or sensitive area such as the face
  • You feel embarrassed by your warts
  • Warts begin to itch, burn, or bleed

Since HPV is contagious, it is important that you don’t pick at the wart or share items with someone who’s infected, and that you always wear shoes in public areas like locker rooms and gym showers.


How will a dermatologist treat my warts?

The treatment you receive will depend on the location, size, and number of warts. It’s important to know that even with effective treatment, warts may still return. Some treatment options include:

  • Salicylic acid solution
  • Cryotherapy/freezing
  • Simple excision
  • Injections
  • Laser therapy

If you or your child is having trouble getting rid of warts then call Dermatologic Center for Excellence in Buffalo, NY, today to find out what we can do to help.

By Dermatologic Center for Excellence
May 02, 2018
Category: Dermatology
Tags: Warts  

Find out how to get rid of warts.warts

While warts are harmless you may find that where that skin-colored growth decided to crop up was less than ideal. Perhaps you just hate the way it looks and want it gone. Whatever the case might be out Buffalo, NY, dermatologist, Dr. Anthony Dee, is here to explain why warts happen and what you can do if you want to get rid of one.

Why do warts happen?

When people think of warts they may think about witches with warts on their nose or remember the old wives’ tale that touching a toad could give you warts. The truth is that a wart is the result of a virus. The virus is known as the human papillomavirus (HPV) and it can get into a microscopic tear or cut within the skin. There are over 100 different strains of HPV, and we can come in contact with it anywhere, so it’s not uncommon for most people to develop at least one wart during their lifetime.

How can I treat a wart?

Besides looking rather unattractive, warts aren’t painful and often don’t cause any issues. In fact, if left alone, a wart will often just go away over time; however, it can take years for a wart to disappear. Unfortunately, letting the wart go away on its own can also give it a chance to spread. Therefore, the best way to prevent the spread of warts is to treat it.

There are quite a few kinds of wart removal methods that you can get at your local drugstore, everything from products that contain salicylic acid to freezing liquids; however, if you aren’t getting the results you want or if you want a more effective treatment then you’ll want to turn to our Buffalo skin doctor.

Most patients who come in to have a wart removed are doing so because it’s causing them discomfort or it’s embarrassing. If this is the case for you don’t hesitate to call us and make an appointment to have it removed. Removing a wart is actually quite fast and easy. There are different wart removal methods from burning the wart off to freezing it.

If you want to have a wart removed in Buffalo, NY, then it’s time to give Dermatologic Center for Excellence a call. We are always happy to help our patients get the smoother, more attractive results they want when it comes to their skin.

By Dermatologic Center for Excellence
February 03, 2017
Category: Dermatology
Tags: Warts  

Skin care is something that is often left low on the priority list. This said, there are some skin conditions that are bothersome and draw wartsattention that you are likely to want to deal with. Warts can be a problem for some depending on where they are located and how long they have been there. Your Buffalo, NY, dermatologist, Dr. Anthony Dee from Dermatologic Center for Excellence, is the best place to start gathering information about your wart.

Treating Warts

Warts are typically small growths that are considered to be harmless and appear often on the hands and feet of individuals of all ages. These are created due to Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and often appear where there has been a cut or scratch. They can spread from one person to another and from location to location on the body. They are noncancerous and in most cases completely painless. They can, however, be uncomfortable if they are between fingers and toes. Common warts in some cases can disappear on their own, but they may need some assistance. There are many treatment options available including laser surgery to heat up and kill off the wart, cryotherapy to freeze off the wart, electrosurgery to use electrical current to kill the tissue, non-prescription products for freezing and salicylic acid to dissolve the wart’s proteins and effectively kill it. Your Buffalo dermatologist can also provide additional options that may work better for your situation.

The first step to removing your warts is to contact your Buffalo, NY, dermatologist, Dr. Dee at Dermatologic Center for Excellence. Meeting with us will help you to learn more about your skin condition and how to deal with it. Call us today at (716) 759-7759 to schedule a consultation and get started on the clear skin that you deserve. You don’t have to be embarrassed with your condition any longer or deal with discomfort and pain.